Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Pizza Attempt #1 : FAIL

This was a promising project during our pre-wedding days to cook one of my favorite childhood foods.

Mary plopping the fixings on the pizza.

Let's play name that topping!

More toppings! What do you think we'll put next?

Cooked... Or so we thought.....

Looks decent though right?

Turns out the crescent roll dough that we stretched out to that big rectangle should have been baked first so most of the dough was rather raw except for the edges and there were spots where we didn't have enough dough...

But we had fun tryin to make it together though! :) my wife is so cute!

-via Kenny's iPhone


  1. Home pizza is never the same. Its not your fault. Not only do you need pizza dough, which you can buy from a pizzeria or even some supermarkets now, its the oven. A regular home oven can't make the same pizza as a pizzeria oven, brick or gas convection. Its a fun married couple activity, but it will never taste like a pizzeria.

  2. sometimes it might be because you have too much toppings too. try getting a pizza stone. i have one and it works wonders for bread and pizza in a regular home oven.

  3. Ooh! Great points!

    @Derek - If I could afford my own brick oven i'd make pizza all the time! Yay for pizzeria pizza!

    @angela - I don't even know what a pizza stone is! I'll def look into it next time and put less toppings. you're right we probably overdid it with - pepperoni, hot dogs, peppers , tomatoes, onions, jalapenos and mushrooms! :p