Friday, September 30, 2011

Tips on How to Make Yummy Clay Pot Rice

If you like clay pot rice likes the ones from restaurants like Yummy Noodle in Chinatown, NY (ahem, David & GG)... Cooking MaMa-Tse-ta says cooking clay pot rice just like those is easy!

You just have to follow a few simple rules:
Rule#1 - Be gentle, clay pots can crack very easily!
Rule#2 - To clean the pot use warm water only. Never use detergent or soap! To make it easier to clean any stubborn food particles let the pot soak in hot water for a few hours.Then gently clean with a soft sponge or dish towel.
Rule#3 - Ideal amount of rice for the small clay pots are no more than 1 & 3/4 cups of uncooked rice.  Then add water until it is 3/4 of an inch above the rice (this may vary depending on the grain of rice you have and your preference. Some like "mushier" rice while others like "dryer" rice.)
Rule#4 - Use medium heat in the beginning for the water to start boiling.  Once it starts boiling turn the flame down to low checking periodically until the rice has absorbed all of the water. **If you like "fon jiew" aka crispy rice on the bottom of the pot then leave it on low flame for a little longer, you will be able to smell when it starts to brown.  Be careful not to let it cook for too long or it will turn black!**

Addons for the rice may include:
-Chinese sausage "Lop Chuerng"
-Minced beef
-Egg (sunnyside up if you add it midway)
-Preserved Duck "Lop Ngop"
-Salted Egg "Hom Don"
-"Thousand Year Old Egg' aka Preserved Duck Egg "Pei Don"
-"Bot Fon Yue" dried baby white fishes
-Sweet soy sauce

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Green Onion aka Scallion Tip

Mary has inherited her mothers green thumb and has begun growing scallions in our kitchen.  On a tip from Jenny Lee (Wu) when we were in San Fran visiting her and Dan the man we save a lot of money!

$1 worth of scallions can yield an abundant ever growing crop of scallions!


Buy scallions

Chop green parts off leave bulbs

Put greens in a container for the fridge

Put bulbs in a vase with an inch or 2 of water

Watch them grow!

They will keep growing so keep eating and cutting!