Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Foodie Adventures in San Fran - Part 1

What's even better than great food? Sharing a great meal with great company! For our 1st wedding anniversary, we went on an "All You Can Jet" trip courtesy to the folks at Jet Blue! Basically, you pay a set price for unlimited flights within this 1 month window between the beginning of Sept through the beginning of Oct. So we took this opportunity to visit our friends Dan & Jenny in San Fran! They are fellow foodies like us and brought us to some great restaurants!

Hmm...let's start with BRUNCH! Married couples love to brunch! We ate at a place called Eats on 50 Celement St, San Francisco, CA 94118. The food was good, fresh and reasonably priced.

Chicken & Waffles:

Eggs Benedict:

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Celebratory meals!

This year, for my 27th birthday, my hubby made me some yummy-in-my-tummy breakfast! Bonus points for using my favorite fruit - fresh strawberries! Double bonus points for cutting them into heart-shapes!!
Breakfast item #1: Nutella French Toast with fresh strawberries & confectioner's sugar

A heart within a heart!

Breakfast Item#2: Quiche with broccoli, breakfast sausage, and potatoes sprinkled with melted mozzarella

For lunch, we went to City Crab and Seafood Company, where we got a complimentary entree for my birthday! I saw this deal because I was on their mailing list. (Tip: sign up for company coupons/email mailings and look for free stuff and good deals on your birthday!!). So we ordered Pacific NW Dungeness Crab! It was super fresh and super tasty! We ordered it steamed with melted butter on the side. It was finger licking good and totally worth all the hard work de-shelling! Here are some before and after pictures! =)

Kenny ordered the New England Lobster Roll on butter toasted brioche, which was equally delicious! Look at those huge chunks of lobster meat!! MmMmm so good!

Thank you hubby for celebrating with me and taking me through all these foodie adventures! What more could a gal ask for?