Monday, March 15, 2010

Scrabble Grudge Matches

Mary and I are intense when we play games together. Mary is very competiive, while me.... I'm less competitive but she says I'm a sore loser.

She is better at scrabble than me though and I won by taking risks and gettin lucky on some iffy words which she challenged (pic, mi, qi, etc.) and turned out to be words! Our games usually also last like 1.5-2 hours long!

The current score is:
Mary 3
Kenny 2

What are your fun activities together?


  1. hahahaha!
    so what, you guys took a break from cooking?

  2. Haha, it's our food & travel adventures! And we traveled to Scrabbleland yesterday! Silly people!

  3. im visiting Jesse this weekend. I like games, not computer ones. I'm gonna make him play cards with me :) or sorry :) hehe i beat him at wii bowling. i was mad proud. he beats me at wii everything else.

  4. you guys should bake cookies in the form of scrabble tiles... then let me see if i can make a triple word score in my mouth...

  5. @David: Hahaha, I'm going to bake my winning word "ESTROGEN" for you! =D

  6. HAHA, yes David definitely needs a triple dose of estrogen to be a winner.