Thursday, March 4, 2010

Kenny takes coworkers down to Chinatown part 1: Wah Mei

Outside of Wah Mei after getting our orders! Gangsta!

Looks Promising!

Get in my mouth!

Most of us ordered the same thing: Pork chop on rice with napa cabbage pickled greens egg and extra sauce ($5!) but Derek ordered the black pepper chicken leg.

Cameron McNeil: " Pork me!!! This stuff is good."

Jason Fazio: oh wah mei, umm well, pickled greens with the hot oil is a must, best deal ive seen for under $5, and service is friendly and fast and i always take it as a good sign for ethnic food if youre the only one eating there thats not of that ethnicity

Wah Mei Pork Chop Fast Food
* 190 Hester St, New York NY10013
* (Btwn Baxter & Mulberry St)

O it was also happy hour in the office! Billy's Cupcakes and ice cream from Chinatown ice cream factory - Mango & Lychee!

-via Kenny's iPhone

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