Saturday, August 27, 2011

Totto Ramen - The Best Authentic Japanese Ramen in NYC - even during a hurricane

No, we're not reporting to from Totto ramen right now.  We're safe at home im a safe queens zone while everyone's panicking getting last minute supplies. The lines at Totto ramen average 20-45 minutes depending on how many people give up or aren't present when called.  And let me tell you the wait is totally worth it!
Avo Tuna is really relish with a balanced flavor between the fatty slice of tuna sashimi, avocado and greens.
Niku ramen is almost too much food.  Its a meat lovers ramen filled with their pork belly char siu and chicken char siu.  Make sure you spoon out the dollop of garlic they put on top though and add according to your tastes.
Totto extra spicy ramen - this is actually not extra spicy because you're given a yummy peanut based spicy sauce to add at your own pace.  Very good ramen and yummy spicy taste.
Totto Miso Ramen: the best most well balanced ramen they serve, you can get it with tofu, pork belly char siu or chicken and the broth is delicious with a complex Miso flavor that is not overly salty.  What I love about Totto are their great fresh ramen noodles that really have snap. 

My wife tells me im a ramen nazi for not loving instant ramen like she does (she loves all ramen)but I think its because I've studied abroad in japan and had real ramen quite often.  Don't get me wrong I still eat instant ramen but there really is no comparison.  Real ramen isn't limp and msg filled but leaves you feeling giddy like a little Tokyo school girl/boy and full with an imminent food coma.

I've tried Menkui Tei and Ippudo multiple times as well and this is the most genuine place because it really feels like you could walk into a place like it in Japan and the prices are good unlike Ippudo which has an even longer wait. Also like Ippudo you can get "Kaedama" which for $2.50 only you can add another large ball of ramen into your original broth. It's good to split between you and a date but if you ordered an appetizer skip this as you can't doggie bag anything here.

Go now!  Well not now bit after hurricane irene finishes destroying the city! Also remember they won't seat groups of more than 4 together so go in small groups and remember to put your name on the waiting list board and don't leave the waiting area or you have to go to the end of the list again!

Totto is open from 11-12 on 52nd street between 8th & 9th avenue.

Come hungry,  leave satisfied!