Friday, March 19, 2010

Jerk Chicken Attempt # 1- FAIL!

As most of you may know, Kenny & I like to experiment... and I'm oh so thankful for having a hubby who isn't toooo critical of my experimental cooking, especially when experiments go wrong. Below is an account of what really happens in the Tse kitchen! There's more to just jerk chicken at stake!

5 days before...
me: hey! Let's try making jerk chicken!
kenny: ok! But I heard you need to marinate it 3 days beforehand!
me: what? really? i dont know about that...

2 nights before...
Pre-marinated the chicken with jerk chicken seasonings. I thought the color looked good and gave it a good rubbing.
Mood: Excited

The next day...
Mood: Still excited, and doing some research
kenny: oh we forgot to "jerk" the chicken! make holes!
me: eww but we're not dealing with a carcass
kenny: :p still. the infusion of flavors.

The afternoon of...
Mood: even more excited at the idea of getting to try out new appliance
me: most jerk chicken is grilled... not baked. i wonder if we should try our new electric grilling plate?
Kenny: haha. mmm. it's electric? where did you put that
me: or over the stove. one or the either. it's in your closet ;)
Kenny: ah. is it easy to clean?
me: i dont know, never used one before
Kenny: i imagine it's like the george foreman
me: GF wasn't too hard to clean
Kenny: i guess

That evening...
Went to the supermarket and bought rice & beans. 20 mintes of cooking time...
me: hey, why's the rice so mushy?
kenny: waa? oops, i added 1/2 cup of water instead of 1/3
me: aiya! oh it's a bit too salty! oops, I didn't see that it's "completely seasoned" already! Guess I didn't need to add chicken buoillon to the water afterall...

Made some salsa as a side (i always have to balance my meals with meat and veggies)

Time to cook the chicken...
me: ok, can you help me get the electric grill?
kenny: hmm i dont know. It's looks so long and big for just 4 pieces of chicken
me: but but... i think it'll taste better grilled.
kenny: maybe we should use the grill the next time we have people over and make more food
me [reluctantly]: ... ok
mood: a little bit disappointed

So we decided to cook the chicken in our large non-stick skillet. Started looking & smelling real great... But then the chicken started to burn a little so instead of adding water or oil, we added pineapples (you ask: where did the pineapples come from?? my answer: i'm not too sure). BIG MISTAKE! The sweetness from the pineapples & its juices made the chicken burn even more & blacken! so we added water because the chicken wasn't completely cooked through yet.
mood: disappointed & frustrated
me: ahh, this is horrible! we should have used a grill & no pineapples!
kenny: *shrugs* we made do. the flavors are still good. just not jerk chicken though. It's pineapple chicken!

End result:

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  1. ahhahah awwww!!! it's okay, nice learn from your least the colors are nice and it looks edible??

    and kenny, good idea about posting from your phone...perhaps i'll follow up on that!!