Saturday, February 27, 2010

Patacones from Patacones Pisao!

Patacones con carne asada

The main event and namesake of patacones pisao! Yummy tostones flattened and refried then used yo sandwich ecuadorian steak onions tomatoes and lettuce with ecuadorian salsa! This was soo mouthwateringly good and combined with the spicy salsa thy had and veggie mayo our mouths were having a fiesta! If you've never had patacones before then you must go now to Patacones Pisao and get this for only $6! It can fill 2 people it's so big and yummy!

Sweet corn crepe filled with pork (pernil) lettuce tomatoes and ecuadorian salsa

This was only $5.50 at patacones pisao and tasted sooooo good! It was also huge so we could have easily split it between the 2 of us

Ecuadorian pastry filled with potatoes and chicken. Apple soda!

The pastry reminded me of a big fluffy yummuer better value ($2) empanada and the apple soda was $2 biut it was sooo sooo yummy! Easily almost a meal as it was so big! Also from Patacones Pisao 2 blocks in grand street elmhurst queens. This place is literally only2 blocks behind new life fellowship on Queen's boulevard.

Patacon Pisao 2 Inc‎
8522 Grand Avenue, Elmhurst, NY‎ - (718) 899-8922‎

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Friday, February 26, 2010

Customize your rice dish at 69!

Little know fact is that you can ask for and order any kind of Chinese rice dish combo you want at 69 bayard street restaurant in Chinatown (the one with all the dollar bills on the wall). We ordered chicken with sour mustard greens on rice aka "sheurn choy
gai yook see fon" for those of you who want to try ordering it yourself. It's pretty good! And won't break the bank at $5 flat!

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Taiwanese Food In Rego Park Queens Boulevard!

Oyster Pancake


Sliced fish & sour mustard soup

Mary likes soup

Taiwanese pork chop rice

Yum! $5.95!

Taiwanese food at Andys in Rego Park

$5.95 for Taiwanese pork chop rice which was breaded and deep fried

with a yummy meat sauce in the rice, napa cabbage and pickled diced
greens. A rare find called Andy's seafood & grill 95-26 queens
boulevard Rego Park an inconspicuous restaurant next to Dominoes and
Indian Chinese fusion Tangra wok. Mary and I enjoyed this meal as it
was a pleasant surprise and the prices were raesonable considering we
ordered a lot!

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Why I love Thailand - Reason #1

For our honeymoon, we went to Krabi, Thailand. Stayed at an awesome resort called RAYAVADEE and took a quick trip to their local market. Freshest fruits, vegetables and... these lovely delicious little sweeets!

What is this delicious goodness? We didn't know until we bought some and ate 'em up! They are like these warm, coconut creamies cooked on a hot griddle. Sprinkle some sugar on top and it's like HAPPINESS in your mouth!