Monday, June 14, 2010

Only on Maui...

After only a couple hours on the "rainbow" island... God blessed us with the sight of a full rainbow right outside our room! It was breaktakingly beautiful! From beginning to end it stretched across the gray blue sky and reminded us of His promises! (sorry my camera couldn't even capture the whole rainbow!)

Here is a quick shot of our studio apartment. I was standing at the kitchen sink when I took this. We woke up each morning and went to bed each night to the calming waves splashing onto the beach right outside our lanai (balcony).

Here is the view from our lanai.

Kenny & I had heard a lot about the amazing shaved ice on the island so we had to go taste it for ourselves! Here we are enjoying our 1st Maui shaved ice. We randomly came across this place called Annie's Island Shaved Ice in Lahaina. Wasn't the best shaved ice on the island but was decent (we'll tell you which place is the best in a later post!).

We shared a large "Pacific" flavored ice, which had mango, guava and passion fruit flavors.

Friday, June 11, 2010

Aloha! from Maui, HI

The adventures of Kenny & Mary bring you sights and tastes from Maui, Hawaii!!!!!

Day 1 - We were starvin' after being on the plane for 12 hours! So our first stop was to Da Kitchen (thanks Cheryl for the recommendation)! Kenny ordered the Mahi Mahi tempura battered & deep fried sandwich, which came with Maui Style tartar sauce. All meals came with a choice of salad or potato mac.
Here he is trying to eat the mega fish tempura sandwich.

This is what I ordered... amazing! Seared butterfish over a bed of perfectly seasoned white corn, julienned bell peppers and shiitake mushrooms and topped with crispy fried rice noodles. After one bite of this, I knew our trip was off to a great start with lots of fresh seafood to come! The butterfish was smooth and delicious!

That's all for now... stay tuned for more ridiculously delicious seafood from Maui! Aloha!