Saturday, March 6, 2010

More 69 custom combos!

This one is fish filet with sour mustard greens aka "sheurn choy bahn lam fahn". We overheard a middleaged Taisanese lady order this last time we were here and had to come back and order it!
The fish was lightly breaded grouper and fried to the perfect consistency, while the greens were soaked in water to draw out the salty and sour taste a bit then stir fried. 69 also really knows how to nake the perfect sauces for their dishes aka "heen".

Mary's opted to order one of her favorite vegetables, EGGPLANT!!! She had garlic eggplant with chicken slices over rice aka "keah ji gai peen fahn". This was slightly spicy but sweet and garlicky with a unique thin black water vegetable called cloud's ears aka "wun yee" cooked with it.

This meal was definitely "Ho sick" which in Cantonese means good tasting literally (delicious)! And of course cheap! Both $5 each!

69 Chinese Restaurant
69 Bayard St
New York, NY 10013

It's a few store fronts away from Chinatown ice cream factory and has dollar bills all over the walls. Also many celebrities have eaten / do still eat there.

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