Friday, March 26, 2010

Cheap Eats: Thai!

Tell me where I can get quality Thai food for only a couple cents more than a $5 footlong from Subway and i'm sooo there!

BAM! Spicy basil string beans with chicken over brown rice (you can choose white rice if you want)! $5.44 total! Yummm!

This place is a mom & pop, hole in the wall kind of restaurant but it tastes soo goood! They also sell a very sweet and refreshing Thai Iced Tea, perfect for the Summer! One time while I was eating here, I saw this one guy drink 5 cups of Thai Iced Tea with his meal!

Where you can get some of this yummy goodness:
Mo-Ro-Kote Siam
"Homemade Thai Cooking"
35 Carmine St
New York, NY 10014

PS. This is Mary. Not Kenny. For some of you who might get confused. =)


  1. I was certainly confused! :p

  2. kenny is a loser! I want some thai ice tea, that might be one of my fave drinks.

  3. the bloggerhogger didn't hog the blog?

  4. Oh snap, I think I took Chen there before. Pretty good there, but it felt like we were inside the kitchen.

  5. yummmm!!! thanks for the suggestion!!!!