Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Green Onion aka Scallion Tip

Mary has inherited her mothers green thumb and has begun growing scallions in our kitchen.  On a tip from Jenny Lee (Wu) when we were in San Fran visiting her and Dan the man we save a lot of money!

$1 worth of scallions can yield an abundant ever growing crop of scallions!


Buy scallions

Chop green parts off leave bulbs

Put greens in a container for the fridge

Put bulbs in a vase with an inch or 2 of water

Watch them grow!

They will keep growing so keep eating and cutting!



  1. Updated the comments section, it should be importing amanda and dana's comments soon...

  2. Something constructive to do with all those vases we got from wedding centerpieces!

  3. Haha very astute observation!  They indeed are vases from previous weddings!